The Limited edition smartphone in the world

Vertu Ti Ferrari Edition

Absurdity – we’re getting there. This is a very expensive phone which in fact, doesn’t look half as good as the F12 Berlinetta that has inspired it.

It’s given all sorts of high-grade materials as an excuse for its ridiculous price, such as Alutex, which is used in the interior of Ferraris, and leather in red and black (which probably wouldn’t remain in pristine condition for long on a phone). It packs decent power on the inside, but far from the flagship specs available at the time, with 1GB RAM and 8MP Camera. But what you do get is 64GB of storage and Sapphire crystal glass, which apparently does not crack.

At point of release, this Vertu cost a whopping RM37,000. Flaunt all you want, it’s not even that pretty to look at.

Samsung Matrix Phone

“It belongs in a museum!”

Wrong film, but that’s exactly what you’d feel obliged to say if you got your hands on one of these today.

A tie-in with Matrix Reloaded, it was not intended as a mainstream phone for general use, and was kindly marketed solely to fans who would appreciate the piece of rare and high quality merchandise.

That humble awareness just about redeems itself. Its coolest feature is the spring-loaded earpiece that snaps up to reveal the screen, so you look extra cool answering a phone (all while wearing shades of course).

Nerds will love this: it rocks stylized green buttons, all of peripherals feature the Matrix code, and get this, when it boots up, “the Matrix” is displayed on the screen. When you turn it off, “GOOD BYE” is shown, reminiscent of Neo’s first encounter with the Matrix. In the words of Morpheus, there’s no better way to distinguish those who know the path, and walk the path.


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